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Lentrax Opens Branch Office on London Liver Pool Street EC2M 1NH - Lentrax

LONDON, November 13, 2019 – Lentrax, the rapidly growing privately held provider of language services and translation-related technologies, today announced the opening of a new office location in London, UK.
The new branch office, the company’s second in London, is located in the rapidly developing Liverpool Street Station region in the city’s East End and will seat 19 employees. The decision to supplement the company’s existing European headquarters comes in direct response to growing demand for the services and technologies that globally minded organizations use to power international business.
  London Office Lentrax
Revenues out of the London office alone have doubled in the last two years, which includes end clients in the UK as well as throughout Europe.
With the added space, Lentrax expects to add 11 new full time jobs, 17 part time jobs and few freelance position between its two London locations in the next year.
“London has been one of our company’s most important strategic hubs since the opening of our first office there in 2017,” said Uzi, Partner at Lentrax. “Adding this second location gives us the bandwidth to serve the increasing demand in the region, and to continue to grow our team with dedicated and talented individuals that will have the benefit of a modern and conveniently located workplace.”
Sikander, Regional Chief Operating Officer at Lentrax commented, “We pride ourselves on providing global services—locally. London Liverpool Street is a hub of fast growing and companies , and thanks to its newly upgraded transport links, is fast becoming a popular business and cultural district. Opening this new London facility will help create jobs, service clients, and shape the future of our UK business.”

New Office Details

Lentrax Translation Services - New Broad Street House, 35 New Broad St, London EC2M 1NH

  London Office Lentrax

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