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Lentrax translation services UAE is a well-recognized legal translation agency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that ensure the trust of its clients in the UAE and almost all around the world. Top leading businesses have faith and believe in the translation services provided by Lentrax. We offer them with solutions to translate their precious and valuable documents. Although We provide translation services in languages such as Japanese to English, English to Arabic, French to Arabic, etc.


Lentrax have the most qualified and proficient professional translators or linguists who give a guarantee for fast and accurate translation services. They provide a great human touch to your projects from start to end. All the documents are translated and approved by professional human linguists. We offer you more accurate, quality projects with on-time delivery. Moreover, our capable translators help you to break down the communication barriers all over the globe.

Which services do we offer?

Lentrax translation services UAE is a renowned agency for its translation services. We remove the communication barriers for the people of the United Arab Emirates as we know the worth of your valuable time and documents. So, we offer you our translation services in a brief period.

We provide the following services:

  1. Legal services

Lentrax provides legal services to its clients in a professional and significant manner. We have a focus to deliver the best quality services and legal support services to our clients everywhere in the world. We are the best-authorized translation provider, interpretation services, including certified translation, draft translation, trial interpretation, transcription, etc.

  • Globalization consulting

Most of the companies want to be global. Lentrax service providers work directly with their clients to determine the target market for their products and method to go global.

3.  Global content making:

Our highly technical, professional and capable translators help the local people to create such content that can be utilized in the worldwide market.

  • Consultancy:

Our experts will give you consultancy and guidance to transform your content and man oeuvre it into the international and global market.

  • Translation

In the UAE, we provide translation facilities to our clients in more than 110 languages. We have professional, qualified, and proficient linguists who also have interpersonal skills to communicate with different people according to their style. We offer legal translation services for all types of documents and for almost all languages within a short time frame.

  • Interpretation

We give the oath of accuracy to our clients and provide various interpretation services, i.e. draft interpretation, guaranteed interpretation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, multi-step interpretation, over-the-phone interpretation, remote video interpretation, as per the request of our clients.

  • Website localization

We offer cost-effective translation services to our clients in the UAE and enable them to develop, launch, upgrade, and localize their business websites in different languages.

Which benefits you can get for Translation Services in UAE from Lentrax?

Lantrax translation services UAE offer its vital and matchless services to its clients in UAE that make it more prominent throughout UAE as well as in the global market. The benefits of choosing Lentrax translation services are as follows:

  • We offer quality translation services with our assurance for quality work.
  • Our services are available at reasonable rates in a competitive market.
  • It has a network of national as well as international linguists.
  • We have experienced and competent translators in our team.
  • Provide you fast, accurate, and friendly services.
  • Its global translation services are hard to beat.
  • Our team have excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with different clients.
  • We provide translation services in more than 110 languages.
  • We offer our services 24/7.

How do we work?

Our main agenda and focus are to deliver the accurate and extraordinary quality of translation in such a format that you need and at that time when you need it. The steps of this include:

  1. Project evaluation and its review by project manage
  2. Highly competent and proficient linguists do the translation
  3. The translator will give you a final review of either a hard copy or do an on-screen analysis
  4. Translator do a last check and then deliver the project and provides the feedback

Bottom Line:

We are a globally recognized legal translation agency that provides brilliant translation services to its clients in a more cost-effective manner. So, Lentrax translation services UAE becomes the leader in the global industry. We are best because we offer fast, precise and distinctive translation services and our commitment and dedication for the work of our national and international clients. All of these reasons discriminates us from others in the industry.

Get in touch with us to find out why Lentrax Arabic Translation is the right choice for your Arabic Interpretation, translation, proofreading projects.