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Machine Translation Solutions


Fast, Accurate & Cost effective Machine Translation - Lentrax

Machine Translation Solutions

Machine Translation (MT) by Lentrax Translation Services is an efficient, cost effective solution which provides both high quality and quick gist translation.
Utilising engine tuning and quality output scoring, our in-house MT experts design increasingly customisable, bespoke workflows to ensure you deliver high quality projects on time and in budget. For your peace of mind, we also offer post-translation editing by living, breathing linguists.

We have in built and strong network in Middle East hence if you are looking for an expansion or setting up a new business in Dubai we are readily available to from very initial step i.e. preparation of the documents for Middle East market.

What can we do for you?

Machine translation powered by AI is a powerful solution to ensure quality, efficiency and cost effective output.


  • Cost effective for high-volume projects
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Customisation for improved accuracy, including MT Post Editing
  • Collaborating with a team on in-house MT expert engineers
  • All file types accepted and returned ready to use
  • Quality output scoring and reporting, ensuring project performance and continued improvement

Machine Learning Post editing (MTPE)

We offer a variety of different post edit activities, depending on your project or brief. We customise our post-editing workflows for each individual client. MTPE solutions focus on creating lasting content that are cost-driven and is suitable for high-volume web content.

Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

NMT is the most advanced and highest quality machine translation technology, utilising artificial intelligence and/or neural networks. With the ability to provide custom NMT engines we can provide the highest quality output.

Hybrid TM/MT

Hybrid TM/MT

Hybrid translation memory (TM) solutions ensure you receive the best quality gist document, or if the focus is on creating lasting content post edit can be added to the workflow creating content comparable to full human translation.

Raw Machine Translation (Raw MT)

Raw Machine Translation (Raw MT)

Raw MT solutions focus on reading/writing temporary content. This solution is speed driven and better suited to gisting and discovery translation.

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Translating document from Arabic to English or English to Arabic Professionally is what we do on daily basis. It is estimated that we translate around 20k words of Arabic language in a period of one week from our London office only. We have in house and a network of tested, highly qualified and professional Arabic native speaker in our team helps us to meet the expectation of our clients.

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At Lentrax we ensure the best. We never compromise of quality and commitment. We know you time is really valuable. We deliver 96% of the projects on time in the period of last 6 months. At lentrax we fully trained to work under high pressure and tight deadlines keeping in view the quality of the translation.

Our Arabic Language Service Include:

  • Arabic Document Translation & Management
  • Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Linguistic Validation
  • Arabic Transcription
  • Typesetting and Graphics
  • Arabic-language Voiceovers
  • Arabic Video Subtitling
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • Arabic Deposition Services
  • Virtual Data Room Services in Arabic
  • E-Learning Support

Lentrax Translation Management System (TMS)

Our secure, web-based solution aligns people, procedures, assets and management data across the entire translation process.

Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Machine Learning (ML) Engines

We partner with some of the largest ML engine providers and can custom develop an API to accommodate any specific requirements. This ensures we have access to the latest machine translation technology, as it quickly advances.Using our in-house MT experts, we can further provide custom machine translation training, utilising machine learning to continuously improve project performance outputs.

Hybrid TM/MT


Accessibility and ease of use are vital to the successful use of machine technology within your business. Our expertise ensures seamless integration with any application or workflow. Machine translation technology integrates with Our Translation Management System (TMS) to enable a streamlined process and consistent, high quality translation outcomes across your organisation.

We keep it simple, just email us your document. One of our team member from account management team with review the document quickly to provide you an price and time estimate. Upon green single from your end we imitate our translation process with out any delay. We never wait for the deadline. We take every project seriously even if its is just a marriage certificate. Our account managers are readily available 24/7 over the phone ( 07868577383 ), WhatsApp or on email ( London@lentrax.com ) to assist our client in real time. We never miss any call , text or email. We have one of the fastest response time in the market.
No matter where you are located or what are your current needs, we are here to help you to communicate with confidence.

We Also Provide:

  • Certified Translations
  • Marketing Materials
  • Legal & Contract Translation
  • Immigration Translation & Interpretation
  • HR Manuals
  • Technical Manuals
  • Contract & Agreements
  • Translation of Medical Records
  • Textbooks and Literary Translation
  • Website & Email Translation
  • Patent Translation


There are several reasons for which you should choose our Arabic translation services:

  • Wide experience in Arabic  translation
  • Outstanding quality at competitive prices and with prompt delivery.
  • Confidentiality Assured
  • latest translation techniques
  • Enthusiasm to fulfil the requirements of all of our national and international clients.

Get in touch with us to find out why Lentrax Arabic Translation is the right choice for your Arabic Interpretation, translation, proofreading projects.