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Urgent Arabic Translation Available Upon Request

We are well-aware of how time-consuming it is to find an Arabic translator you can always count on. That is why our Dubai and London-based translation company, as with all other language combinations, only works with the top translators from English to Arabic and Arabic to English.

When translating from English to Arabic or from Arabic to English, it is crucial that the translator speaks both languages at a near-native level and can work around cultural differences when translating to Arabic. Both qualities are highly prized at our translation company, which allows us to provide top-quality translations from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English.

Specialist Arabic-English Translations

Be it highly specialised technical translations from English to Arabic, legal translations of confidential commercial files from Arabic to English or an urgent medical translation from English to Arabic, our skilled translators with specialist knowledge in the relevant field of expertise will make sure your translation are accurate and use the proper terminology.

Certified Arabic-English Translation

An office clerk informs you that your birth certificate or your marriage licence has to be translated from Arabic to English — who do you turn to? A certified translation from English to Arabic or vice versa can only be done by a court-sworn translator certified for the Arabic and English language. Looking for a certified translator in the greater Munich area? Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss all the details involved.

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Arabic to English Translation

Our Arabic translation service mixes language expertise with design know-how.

Out of all the languages that lentrax handles, Arabic might be one of the most “intimidating” for our clients to work with. Why? Because it uses script (not Latin characters), and that script is written right to left.

This alternate text direction can be challenging for designers who usually work only with left-to-right languages (English, for example).

Modern Standard Arabic

When we use the term Arabic in regards to translation, we mean Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). This is the written form that Arabic speakers—whether they’re from Egypt, Iraq, or Lebanon—have in common.

The spoken variants of Arabic can vary widely. For example, vocabulary, word order, and even grammar can differ from one regional variant to the next.

What’s more, not all variants are mutually intelligible. In other words, an Arabic speaker from lebnon and an Arabic speaker from Oman may not be able to understand each other.

Because translation deals only with text, this phenomenon isn’t an issue. By using MSA, Arabic translators can “speak” to clients anywhere in the world.

Still, it always helps when clients tell vendors what the target market is for a given text. In this way, a vendor can assign a project specific to Lebanon to a Lebanese translator, for example.

Lentrax’s Arabic Translation Service

Arabic is one of the languages that our clients ask for the most. Our Arabic translators are educated professionals, not students or merely bilingual. Some of them have translation experience in law or government, while others specialise in marketing or sales texts.

Lentrax Translation Services Dubai Logo Arabic Version
Lentrax Translation Services Dubai Logo Arabic Version

Our approach is always to have translators work into their native language. This means that our clients get a text that reads well to native Arabic speakers.

Our usual Arabic projects are for media houses, consulting firms and nonprofits organisations. We can help you with almost any type of B2B or B2C content.

Crucially, our skilled designers can set type in right-to-left languages such as Arabic. So the biggest value-add with our Arabic translation service is that we can take the page layout task off your plate.

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