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Lentrax Translation service london office is delivering fast, accurate language translation 24/7 to national and international clients across multiple industries which include financial legal and many others for different time zones.

But what makes us different from the rest of the translation agencies based in London?

It’s our understanding of your business needs and requirements, our commitment to your project through our dedicated account manager, our sensitivity to cultural differences and our ‘ i can and I will’ approach that set us apart from the rest of the translation agencies. We set the trend in innovation, quality and service.


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How We Work for your Project

  • We only employ trusted qualified  translators who are best to understand  technical expertise with proven linguistic ability
  • We use  highly experienced and appropriate translation team for your project as we understand the importance of your project. 
  • We always track performance metrics for each and every translator working in your project so only the most trusted linguists work on your projects
  • We  always focused to develop client-specific glossaries to ensure consistency, cost efficiency  and rapid response
  • Our dedicated account managers are always available to advise you on your projects and additional services
  • We have a publicised CSR policy and actively support ethical and sustainable practices

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