Professional translation services prices start from as little as 0.13 (USD) per word where as standard translation services prices start from as low as 0.06 (USD) per word


Pay By Word

A per word payment plan works very well for smaller and one-off projects. Prices can also depend on things such as the content type, the language and the time frame you need. Best of all, you can still enjoy the benefits of free tools like translation memory saved for the next time, plus online project management, and glossary and reserved word options to assist with consistency and style.


Pay By Character

Many clients who have content in a character-based language such as Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese or Korean, struggle to estimate the number of words they will end up with in their final translation. You can speak to one of our production team or an account manager anytime. They’ll explain the extra benefits of paying by character and explore all your best-price alternatives.


Pay By Hour

Per hour translation rates work well if you have large volumes of content that need translating quickly – and you need translations regularly. This is the ideal long-term option. Linking the time it takes to complete a translation job to the economic cost of the actual translation means it’s up to us to go fast without ever losing quality. You get your translations quicker and for less.

At Lentrax, our mission is to inform, enthuse, and empower global brands by providing quality language translation services that span across multiple communities and ethnicities in countries all over the world.

At its core, our business helps brands and companies of all sizes translate content into over 140 languages. Because our translation services are so comprehensive, we can help you advance your business and increase profitability by providing you with website localization, multicultural marketing, call center support, and much more.


The table below contains three set of languages categorises as per pricing model for general content (i.e. not technical, medical or specialised content) and for standard turnaround times. Express turnaround and specialised content would be at a higher rate, although we also discount based on volume so to receive an accurate price please submit a quote request at

Tier 1 Languages

Arabic Chinese Simplified | Chinese Traditional | English | English (US)| French (France) | German | Italian | Portuguese (Brazil) | Portuguese (Portugal) | Russian | Spanish (Latin America) | Spanish (Spain) | Spanish (US) | Turkish | Urdu

Tier 2 Languages

Bengali | Bosnian | Bulgarian | Catalan | Cebuano (Binisaya/Visayan) | Croatian | Czech | Danish | Dari | Dutch | Dutch (Belgium) | Farsi | French (Canada) | Greek | Gujarati | Hebrew | Hindi | Hungarian | Indonesian | Japanese | Javanese | Kazakh | Khmer | Korean | Latin | Latvian | Lithuanian | Malay | Marathi | Nepali | Norwegian | Pashto | Persian | Polish | Punjabi | Romanian | Serbian | Sinhala | Slovak | Slovenian | Swedish | Tagalog | Thai | Ukrainian | Vietnamese

Tier 3 Languages

Afrikaans | Albanian | Basque | Belarusian | Burmese | Estonian | Finnish | French (Benelux) | French (Switzerland) | Georgian | German (Switzerland) | Icelandic | Kurdish | Sorani (Arabic) | Macedonian | Maltese | Somali | Sudanese | Swahili | Tajik | Tamil | Tigrinya

Our Unique Pricing Options – So You Pay Less

We have a wide range of pricing options available. Whatever your language choices, subject area and deadline, we will always find the best possible pricing option for you. Professional translation services prices start from as little as 0.13 per word. (USD) where Standard translation services prices start from as little as 0.06 per word. (USD)

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