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Pro Bono Translations in Light of the Coronavirus Outbreak - Lentrax

Pro Bono Translations in Light of the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, our thoughts and prayers go out to all individuals who may have been affected or have friends and family affected by this global outbreak.

Looking for a reliable partner to translate your Medical Documents?

Lentrax believes that in this humanitarian disaster, support for Science community is really important and entities that support it should come together. Lentrax is dedicated to join hands with researchers worldwide and to enable the spread of timely, accurate information related to the outbreak. While things have pretty much come to a standstill in China, our employees and fellow team workers are working from home to continue providing support to researchers. We believe that this initiative will help to speed up research process but the rest of the world and hopefully arrest the spread of damaging rumours.

Why Lentrax?

Lentrax has global network of expert team of translators who are fully equipped with knowledge of Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry. They can skilfully translated and understand the real essence of medical terminologies Hence providing you accurate Translations in their native language. Our same day Medical Document translation services is highly cost effective and reliable consist of more than 110 language combinations.We are Translation service partner of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industries, No matter if you are a Researcher or an orgnaisation planning to launch a new drug in 22 countries, need bilingual staff with specialized field of Medical Science like oncology or need a backend multilingual call center support, Contact Lentrax Medical Translation Sciences.

Need Free translations related to COVID-19?

Lentrax team members and top management under umbrella of other corporate social responsibility department considered the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 and its devastating consequences. In the result of meeting we decided that Lentrax medical translation services and a newly created department will offer translations free of charge* to any organization or persons in need of translating virus-related medical content on urgent basis.

Lentrax translation Services will ensure every step should be taken seriously and readily available to help companies overcome global language barriers by offering enterprise-level translation services in more than 110 languages. We believe that during these delicate times, we cannot stand aside. In addition, we continue to support the commendable work of Translators without Borders, a non-profit organization set up to provide language and translation support for humanitarian organizations.

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To submit your translations, please contact us via our COVID-19 aid dedicated email:

Lentrax Advantage:

Lentrax being the top most priority of its customers makes sure that at each point the customers benefit is far more than their own interests whether its about making profit or growing in the market business. Time is the foremost restriction on our employees with expertise in order to assure the timely deliverance of orders with efficiency and effectiveness hence proving to be the most reliable source for our customers. Along with all such qualities the best of all is that we keep the data of our customers secure as they trust us for their matters therefore it is our responsibility to be true to their personal information.

Get your hand on making appointment with Lentrax now at pocket friendly packages on Translations for Life Sciences and many other services. You will not regret your decision.

*Up to 250 words. Additional translations of over 250 words will be translated at cost price.
The pro bono services will be available till April 15, 2020.