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Translation Services in Dubai, UAE, Sharjah, Saudi Arbia, Qatar, Oman For Business, Corporates & Organisations

Translation Services in Dubai, UAE, Sharjah, Saudi Arbia, Qatar, Oman For Business, Corporates & Organisations

At Lentrax Translation, We are here to help you over more than 110 languages through our global representation and offices in three continents. We are famous to help our clients to tell their stories with compelling, persuasive and powerful voice. We are the only actually functioning translation company available 24/7, in the region Dubai at your disposal. Our account managers and projects mangers welcome email hit on their system at any time.

We accept orders late night, so that very next day your translation will be on your desk. Breaking language barriers not just with translation But — we built Lentrax around the wisdom effective communication. We are continually joining hands with top notch and blue chip companies in Dubai to render their messages in more than 110 language pairs. We help business to expand confidently, attract more and more attention, engage local and targeted audience and skyrocket their revenues.

English to Arabic Translation | Arabic to English Translation

Creating a powerful content through gentility of best chosen words, formatting and cultural voice is challenging task, No doubt about it. Same here, Translating original text require extra care and professional skill set blend with years’ experience. At Lentrax we understand the true essence of quality translation and we ensure this at every step. Know more about our translation process.

Document Translation in Dubai

Our experts and professional with More than 10 years of experience in the translation industry, helped us to gain the trust of international companies, like Virgin Mobile, L’Oréal, Hugo Boss, Air Bus, United Colors of Benetton, Lexus, Eagles Ford and Bentley Motors. With a wide range of Document translation carried out by Industrial specialized professionals with extra ordinary language skill, Lentrax has built reputation as being fast accurate and highly cost effective translation company in Dubai. International and local businesses, government agencies, legal entities, educational institutions as well as individuals of Dubai getting benefits from vital language solutions and certified translation services of Lentarx in GCC region.

Subtitling & Dubbing

Voice Overs, Dubbing and subtitling with extra ordinary quality and professionally handled by Lentrax is Famous in media houses and many publications firm around the world. Although we are new in Dubai for subtitling and dubbing services but we are confident that through our dedication and real time efforts and international experience, Lentrax will soon gain the trust in the Dubai market as well for such services.

Lentrax Translation

Lentrax named as a translation services provider that emphasis on developing long term relationships clients. Our goal is very simple, we are in the market to help with our clients to achieve their goals, building and sustaining dynamic partnerships to meet our clients’ evolving needs and a passion for quality translation.

Lentrax Translation Services is open 24 hours a Day,
Seven Days a Week, 365 Days a year.
Accurate. Fast. Guaranteed

Providing highest standard of quality and not to settle on less excellent is the primary focus of the Lentrax Translation services from very beginning. From the day one we started Lentrax Translation Services.

If you are looking for a friendly customer service team, with knowledge of translation industry to answer your question openly, giving you valuable information, sending you quotes in less than five minutes, then you have reached where no point further would it make it more useful. It doesn’t matter either your first project is consist of just 1 page or of more than 100 pages, our enthusiasm, support or professional behaviour will surprise you. We are the only translation provider in the region famous for providing real time updates on your project through our dedicated account manager and internally developed portal. To know more about our services simple email us. In 90% cases we reply back to your any of query in less than ten minutes.

Best Legal Translation Services in Dubai?

Legal translation Services in Dubai dully authorized by the ministry of justice with blend of decades of experience in the market Lentrax is the first choice of those corporates clients and individuals of Dubai who never settle for less than excellent service provider.

If you setting up a new business or already in the market than you must have understanding that good translation is not enough for the markets like Dubai. It has to be extra ordinary and appropriately treated.

Arabic Translation Service Providers in Dubai are Countless:

In the market Like Dubai where Arabic language is the primary source of official communication with natives, translation agencies, translation memory software, online translation services, machine translation websites are their to assist you for communication at primary level. Although being translation agency we are equipped with the mentioned sources but we are one step ahead from rest of the available resources in the market. To know more about how we are one step ahead contact with our account manager at hello@lentrax.com. Choosing right and a better-informed decision will spare you many troubles.

Among Arabic to English or English to Arabic Translation Services in Dubai, Lentrax prides itself on having an experienced and dedicate staff for this language pair from than a decade in Dubai translation market. And we count on.

Get your hand on making appointment with Lentrax now at pocket friendly packages on Financial translation and many other services. You will not regret your decision.