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A premium translation service involves an experienced translator producing a highly technical, medical, legal translation, which is then critically proofread by another independent linguist and finally checked by a project manager for terminology accuracy, style concordance, etc.

Premium translation service by experienced translators and proofreaders

Translator+independent proofreader & PM QC check

For professional publications, web or print

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Our premium translation service is recommended for serious content: printed material, websites, applications and marketing content.

Our premium translation service includes additional proofreading because 2 pairs of eyes are better than one.

Lentrax provides complete, premium translation services in more than 110 language pairs. Our services include Document Translation, Website Translations, Multilingual Desktop Publishing in European languages, Asian languages, Arabic and Hebrew, Voice-overs, Software Translations, Medical Translations, Legal Translations, Marketing Translations and Translation of Business News, as well as Video Captioning and Subtitling, and Linguistic Name Evaluation. All our clients can access a private client portal to upload, download data and obtain business intelligence and reports – from quotations to past invoices and even translation metrics. A translation project quotation for any language need is always free. It does not matter how complicated it is – even for very fast translation services and for premium translation services. This premium translation service surpasses the requirements of International Translation Standard to which the company is independently certified and audited. Typical users are

  • Departments needing marketing texts and sales literature,
  • Professional marketing translations
  • Translation of scientific journals
  • Translation of technical manuals
  • Translation of services manuals
  • Website translations
  • Medical translations
  • Legal translations, etc.

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