Lentrax is established to lead the transcription industry as one of the best transcription service provider, therefore taking great pride in producing impeccable transcripts for different industries including charity, law, commercial and health and many more.
We care for the transcription services that we offer to our customers across the globe in a range of industries. Our team of devoted transcriptionist ensures and guarantees the success of customer by providing them with the high-quality transcriptionists, which exceed their expectation and fit the whole set of requirements, in a predefined time frame.
We have developed our name based on quality, diligence and accuracy from the very beginning. Interestingly, we never had a single revision for our transcribe project since we began. Therefore creating loyal customers one after the other.

We offer the world's best translation service here at Lentrax, our services will always exceed your expectations! Whether you need a video that needs to be transcribed, an interview or a dictation that needs to be transformed into an exceptional, professional worded report, Lentrax is here to help!
Our transcriptionists are expert of their related field and industry, and are always ready to match your needs. Our professionals will make you feel confident in the knowledge that your medical report will be typed up by a medical secretary, with experience in your required domain. We pay special attention to files that you might use in court and transcribe in a strict environment by an expert legal transcriptionist.

Lentrax does not limit itself to above mention services, we also offer

  • captioning services
  • subtitle services
  • Video transcription service with and without time codes whether the video is edited or not.

For professional video transcription, we have a dedicated team of transcriptionists. Our video transcription services include

  • .srt and .ssa captions for web videos
  • logging of rushes
  • Timecoded video transcription
  • video transcription with visual descriptions

Corporate Transcription

Our corporate transcription customers vary from pharmaceutical research organizations to the retail giants. We are always intended to provide the best by the cooperation between HR and our devoted team. We carry Q&A sessions on regular intervals to ensure accurate and completely confidential service. After having great work experience with financial institutions, membership organizations, global market leaders and businesses throughout the world, we understand your need of having a reliable partner for outsourcing. Lentrax has a great reputation for working with the best corporate world-wide. As your good wisher, we always consider Lentrax transcription service to be a useful asset to your business for long-term benefits.

A relationship based on trust and honesty, to enhance your business not confining it. Once you pick the right corporate for transcription services, you will enjoy the relationship for a better business future.

Pharmaceutical Transcription

Lentrax has been working in this domain for years and understand the need for confidentiality. Our pharmaceutical clients know the standards of our accuracy, therefore, they trust on Lentrax for clinical trials or patient-reported outcomes. For the correct and not phonetically spelling of drugs, proofreading and other technicalities, allow Lentrax to offer with the best intent.

Beware of the cheap services. You will regret later as the transcripts will not fit the purpose for what it was meant to be.

Financial Transcription

Lentrax offers an accurate transcription service to insurance companies, investors, banks and financial institutions across the world. Lentrax understands the importance of accurate and precise data from your meetings, presentations and Q&A sessions and will never let you down. An extra zero at the end will end our reputation for sure, that is why we take care to proofread every document before delivering.

After working for years we understand the importance of financial terminologies. We prefer a thorough study and research before starting a new project to familiarize ourselves with your business.

Legal Transcription

Our legal professionals and government officials gave us a solid view of the requirements of the court. We give special attention to police and criminal evidence material with proper confidentially. Our expert and professional team allow us to deliver legal transcription that can be presented to a judge or barrister and can help them in other legal assistance.

The core of all this discussion is that we are 100% able to transcripts a legally acceptable standard. With our services, you can have peace of mind that you won't need to rephrase or reformat anymore. We will do all, we could.

Audio Transcription Services

Lentrax is the most searched audio transcription company in the UK, producing professional audio transcripts for our worldwide customers and industries. Our certified transcriptionists are dedicated to complete a task with 100% accuracy and within a predefined time.

Our loyal customers always prefer Lentrax because of the best customer care and for exceptional transcription services that helps them to save resources. Our pricing is honest and transparent for the client's satisfaction. For the world's best transcription service get a quote from us today!

Media Transcription

After great work experience with production companies, PR agents, radio stations and media agencies, Lentrax understands the importance of extra details when transcribing TV and media sound files. Our clients favoured our Media and TV transcription service for our accuracy and reliability. We greatly differ between listening and hearing. While transcribing we listen to each and every detail of yours’ to paint the perfect picture in the reader's mind.

We expertly separate the noisy and uncontrolled voices, distinguish and highlight the pauses, emotional changes and tone fluctuation turning them into professional transcripts.

The core objective of Lentrax is to provide the client with the best interpretation of content in over 100 languages understandable by many linguistic groups and ethnicities across the globe.

Our services have a far-reaching impact on worldwide businesses. We not only translate the languages but also maintain the website, social marketing and provide much more facilities at a reasonable price.
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