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Finding a Certified UK Translator Or Translation Agency familiar with local certification rules?- Lentrax

Certified translation services

For English to Arabic or Arabic to English certified translations, please get in touch with me. If you have different language needs like german, French to English or Bulgarian or polish, I am part of a largest network of professional certified translators of United kingdom, ask, and I’ll probably be able to suggest a UK-based colleague from platform Lentrax Translation Services.

Being qualified and experienced member of international association of Linguists and United kingdom I am entitled to self-certify translations of official documents or on behalf of Lentrax Translation Services. More than 7 years of experience in translation industry on united Kingdom , I am very familiar with UK certification rules.

Requirement of British Home Office for Certified translation are:
What are the British Home Office’s requirements for certified translations?

The Home Office accepts self-certified translations provided by a UK-based translator under the following conditions:

1. The translator is a member of an official professional organisation such as the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) or the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL).
2. The translator works for a company that belongs to the Association of Translation Companies

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, my certification and translation highly is acceptable in government agencies of United Kingdom and

In the case where translation is done by a translator resident of country other than United Kingdom, two requirements must be fulfilled to be accepted in United Kingdom:

1. The British examiner must be satisfied that the translator is a member of an official body in the country they are resident in. Or
2. The relevant Foreign Embassy has certified the translation as a true copy.

True Essence of Certificate Of Translation Accuracy

Certificate of accuracy is generally produced after the translation carried out by a certified translator or translation agency. This helps to accepting that the translation is performed by a qualified, experienced and professional to their best knowledge and skill set. Certificate of translation of accuracy is mandatory document to attach along with the translation while in United Kingdom.

Who can provide a certificate of accuracy?

As discuss earlier that Certificate of accuracy can only be produced by certified translator or translation agency accredit by professional bodies. Among all professional bodies Chartered Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting have greater importance. Considering a language pair is really important, translator should be qualified in both languages can self-certify translations. It is obvious now that Translation agencies who are members of the relevant professional bodies can also provide certificates of accuracy for translations carried out on their behalf.

There is no concept of Sworn Translators in United Kingdom, where it can be observed in the countries like Germany, Austria, Spain and Middle East easily.

Sworn translators in the UK?

There are no sworn translators in United Kingdom but companies like Lentrax Translation Services helps client to access sworn translators in their particular countries through their strong test network of certified linguist and operational offices.

Countries such as Germany, Austria and Dubai, which have civil law systems, have sworn translators. Nevertheless, you can obtain a “sworn translation” in the UK. The translator simply visits a notary and swears an oath regarding the accuracy of the translation. Unfortunately, this is a costly process.

Please check with the authorities involved whether a sworn translation by a UK translator will be acceptable to them.

After a divorce in Dubai/Germany/France/Austria/Spain or Switzerland, which UK certification rules are crucial?

Standard rules and regulation are implemented everywhere in translation such as translator are not allowed to correct spell error, not allowed to translate reference numbers on official documents and certificates. Keeping view the original documents translator is only allowed to truly translate the document i.e. transfer what on the original document. Errors are mistakes in actually documents can only be corrected and amend by the issued authority not translator at any cost.

When it comes to divorce decrees, the UK authorities will be looking for the equivalent to the British “decree absolute”. To give you an example, in Germany the appropriate document is the divorce decree (Scheidungsurteil). This contains a rubber stamp which states on which date the decree becomes final. The wording to look out for is: “rechtskräftig ab dem…”

Methods of providing certification of the accuracy in United Kingdom.

Depending on define conditions by the authorities/employers involved, individual can get verification of a translation’s accuracy. Following Options are available and are in practice in United Kingdom. In most cases authority define what option they accept while translation agencies also have a lot much experience to help you decide through their on-going experience as per you ease.

  • Certificate of accuracy by a translator who is not a professional
  • Certificate of accuracy signed by a professional (freelance or staff) translator
  • Certification provided by a translation agency official
  • Certificate of accuracy signed in the presence of a notary (notarised certification)
  • Certificate of accuracy sworn in front of a notary (sworn translation)
  • Certification supplied by the applicant’s embassy/consulate

Can freelance UK translators supply certified translations for a Dubai authority?

Dubai courts only accept legal translations of foreign documents that were undertaken by a legal translator. This is a translator who is resident in Dubai, UAE or Middle East and registered and "legal translator" at a Dubai court. Dubai authorities do not usually accept certificates of accuracy signed in the UK, no matter how qualified the translator.

Solution: Lentrax Translation Services in Dubai is fully functional and Certified agency so they can help you with such attestation of your documents. For more information on this get in touch with Lentarx or visit their website: www.lentrax.com

Can a UK-based freelance translator call himself a “certified translator”?

If you are member of one relevant professional body, then British authorities tend to accept you as certified, qualified and experience translator. Otherwise no one can claim as certified translator.

Feel Free to get in touch with me or Lentarx for Certified Translation in United Kingdom.

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