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Legal Documents Translation Services London - Lentrax

Language barrier is the first challenge faced by businesses expanding across various geographical locations. A bridge between this language barrier can be rebuild in order to gain the competitive edge for such businesses. We work on all types of content and offer document translation, website localization, desktop publishing, transcription, proof reading, certification, interpretation.

If you need your document to be translated in the best available price and quality within a short time span but you are confused as to what actually matches your level of requirement, then here is the answer to all of your problems. Our industry portfolio encompasses a wide rang of domains such as business, pharmaceutical, medical, legal, software, IT, travel, banking finance, technology, E-learning, media PR etc.

Lentrax provides you with the best qualified professionals having an experience of legal translation of documents ranging from business plans and share holder information to the annual reports. Moreover, documents other than business related ones such as wills, immigration documents, property/exhibit labels etc. are also being translated in a way which will attract your audience accordingly.

Accounting rules differ from country to country and a standardization of these rules is not yet in place therefore it is very important to understand the generally accepted accounting principles as per which the legal finance translation is being carried out across the globe in various organizations even in ours.

Business person are always willing to put in all their efforts into the business in order to seek optimum growth not only domestically but also Globally and for this financial information translation is beyond just being important for an organization’s progress world-wide. We bare no preferences what so ever the organization or the situation is about just you with your documents which are to be legally translated from Arabic to English or English to Arabic and the way you like it.

We understand the demands of international business and we are passionate about helping you to make the most of opportunities overseas. You need to get your products in to these markets as quickly as possible and when your customers are abroad at juggling different languages into the mix then it can all get tricky but our dedicated project managers are here to talk to you and trace out appropriate action plan in order to succeed across the borders.

  • Legal translation at competitive rates is provided maintaining the cost-benefit analysis of our customer as our top most priority rather than looking for our own benefit every now and then.
  • Professionally trained trainers translate the documents under consideration within the time span provided with efficiency and effectiveness keeping in mind the differences in the cultures and traditions of the audience brought about by the difference in the languages around the globe.
  • Our trainers personally meet the customers or interact with them via telecommunicating networks, trace out their requirements then research and grab all the details related to the respective document in order to have full command over it and then co relates the work done with the legal perspective or law by the court as law is a culture dependent subject field.
  • Our professionals always give a proof reading to each of the document after being revised by some other professional of the same field making sure that it’s free of errors and is reliable being far away from any sort of accusations managing to maintain the firm trust of our customers on us with our consistency.
  • We also provide legal technical translations such as consumer manuals and all other forms of legal technical translations from Arabic to English or English to Arabic.
  • We prefer quality work which is in accordance with our customer’s demand.
  • We provide 24/7 support, end to end translation and design support.
  • To make our customers comfortable and dependent on us we have some reliable offers for them as follows;
    • Regular customers are welcomed on each visit of theirs with a new document every time
    • In case of any errors or mistakes being spotted after handing the document over to the customer, we provide unlimited warranty to remove the respective error as soon as possible.

Contact us today for a translational quote and demonstration. Feel free to be a customer of Lentrax as we assure you that we are reliable in all the aspects.