In the modern era, the buyers of your services are not limited to a geographical boundary anymore; they prefer the multinational corporates that speak the language they understand. For a reason or two, the online content is heavily skewed towards the English, even though people tend to buy the product that prefers their language rather any other regional or international language. That is where Lentrax plays an important role. We deliver the quality standards of professional website localization services for perfection in your journey towards the Global market. We use optimum resources with greater efficiency to increase your consumption by a target audience in less time, including the cultural translation with cultural understandings, formatting and surely the alteration after launching.
The strength of our success lies in rigorously tested linguistic experts along with our multi-layered protected quality assurance process that guarantees accuracy and efficiency. Our team of website localization is available 24x7 to assist you in all of your need. Our techniques and processes are well designed and tested that, they shoot past language and culture barriers so that you can enjoy the global taste of your business.
22 Arab countries and over 420 million Arabic native speakers provide the best opportunity for global marketers to invest and grow. A golden chance for organizations to come up with content that aims Arabic speaking audiences. Companies and organizations have now realized the importance of localizing websites, blogs, social media and all electronic stuff into Arabic to target the huge market of the Arab world.
We offer the world's best translation service here at Lentrax , our services will always exceed your expectations! Whether you need a video that needs to be transcribed, an interview or a dictation that needs to be transformed into an exceptional, professional worded report, Lentrax is here to help!
Website Localization for the Arabic world means adapting the trends and traditions of Arabic language for greater influence on Arabic market. It means you need to be well aware of the culture, social norms and of course the dialect of your target audiences, along with the expertise and capabilities of your content management team.
You may find one Arabic language in Arab countries but they have many different dialects, which has a different impact on locals. One word with two different meanings might exist in two different countries. For instance, let us know the three different words for Mobile or cell phone

  • UAE “هاتف متحرك”;
  • Saudi Arabia “جوال”
  • Egypt “موبايل”

The core objective of Lentrax is to provide the client with the best interpretation of content in over 100 languages understandable by many linguistic groups and ethnicities across the globe.

Our services have a far-reaching impact on worldwide businesses. We not only translate the languages but also maintain the website, social marketing and provide much more facilities at a reasonable price.

See, the difference and it cannot be neglected.

Realizing the importance and market opportunity of Arabic speaking audience many corporates are looking for perfect website localization into Arabic. Let us discuss the mechanism we follow for our customers before localizing the website for the Arab country.

  • At Lentrax, we avoid machine translation of the content for Arabic website localization. Arabic is one of the most complex languages having more grammatical rules than any other. Once you try to translate via machine or software there exist a possibility that we might misinterpret the core meaning of the sentence or the entire paragraph. Apart from local content, Quality matters the most so, make sure to choose the best website localization service having experienced and skills to deal with your problems and, and you may not find a better company than Lentrax.
  • Graphical content, pictures, audio and other images create the first impression on a visitor's mind. It is more than important to display the graphics that suit and appeal to the cultural needs of the audience. The images must represent Arabic norms and culture. And Lentrax will be doing all this for its customers without any extra cost.
  • The sensitive part is that video content must respect the Arabic cultural. In most Arabic countries music is considered forbidden for religious affiliation therefore, website localizing agency must know about it. Lentrax knows every detail and always comes with the best alternative to boost your business in Arab countries.
  • Most of the words in the Arabic language has more than one meaning and pronunciation, which can cause ambiguity and confusion in the readers' mind. To generate professional and ambiguity free content Lantrex uses diacritic marks (small marks placed above the letters) to show the proper pronunciation and create the zero ambiguity content with 100% clarity.
  • Lentrax makes sure the correctness and capability of CMS to handle RTL languages. If CMS is not fit to display RTL language, one might end up in a mess with his content. Therefore, Lentrax guarantees the best CMS handling for your Arabic Website localization.

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