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China is one of the advanced countries of the world who prefer every single detail in their regional language. You will hardly find any other text or language in China. China is a big market place for many investors and business seekers. Lentrax offers the best Chinese Translation services for all your documents whether they are official or non-official to assist you in reaching the Chinese market without any hard efforts.
Lentrax has more than 20 years of experience in the translation industry. We deal in more than 110 languages around the world to assist our clients globally. Our expert translators and professional interpreters are exceptional in the Chinese. Experience, proficiency, accuracy, and expertise; you will find all qualities under one umbrella in a reasonable and affordable rate.

English to Chinese

China emphasizes more on its language than any other regional language. Therefore, we have the best Chinese translation services in entire Asia. We have our office in Beijing to assist you at your doorstep.
Our team not only consists of translators and interpreters but it also has the best combination of field experts and professionals to assist you with the best in your required field. Tone, style, format everything of your choice and desire. We not only translate words but the core meaning of the text to engage the audience and increase their anticipation.
Apart from translation services you can reach us for the best business plans and efficient marketing strategies to target the Chinese market effectively. With our services, you have a better chance of high return on investment.
For best and quality translation to and from Chinese language order Lentrax now. Our translators, interpreters and field experts work hard to bring the best to fulfil your demand and requirement.

Our Chinese translation service includes:

  • English to Chinese Translation
  • Japanese to Chinese Translation
  • Arabic to Chinese Translation
  • French to Chinese Translation
  • Spanish to Chinese Translation
  • German to Chinese Translation

and the list continues for more than 110 regional and international languages.

Expertise in Chinese Translation

We offer the best Chinese translation package that includes language translation, interpreters, phone interpretation, customer support centre and much more at a reasonable price. We have a dedicated team to look after your business needs. Our translators are always ready to bring the best for our customers.

Specialist of Chinese Translation

Our certified professionals and experts are keen to provide the best for your need. We have dedicated specialists for every task. Our technical specialist knows the complexities of the Chinese language; therefore always tackle it with the best strategy.

We offer special services in

  • Translation of localization of e-commerce websites
  • Technical manuals, legal translation
  • Medical translation

and many other translation services for Chinese languages.

Affordable Translation

We offer the best Chinese translation services for every document whether it is formal, informal, confidential or non-confidential at a reasonable price. We complete the task in different phases for reasonable per section cost. Whether you need urgent translation or you are looking for a month-long task, Lentrax will assist you in all your need

Legal Chinese Translations

We have a worldwide network of legal translators to help our customers across the globe. Our legal team along with certified translators work 24x7 to assure the ambiguity free content for your legal translation in Chinese.
Lentrax is a leading translation company to provide Chinese translation services. We offer the translation of more than 110 languages in Chinese.

we also offer:

  • Legalization of documents
  • Professional Chinese Interpreters
  • Customer Care Centre & Support

24x7 Availability:

Lentrax works 24x7 and 365 days a year to provide you with the best translation according to the trends. We offer the best Chinese translation services for our local and international clients to make an impact on the Chinese market and industry.

Other Translation Services

Our other services include:

  • Legal Translation Services
  • Medical Translation Services
  • German Translation Services
  • Japanese Translation Services
  • Polish Translation Services
  • Transcription Services
  • Medical Transcription Services
  • Arabic to English Translation in Dubai

The core objective of Lentrax is to provide the client with the best interpretation of content in over 100 languages understandable by many linguistic groups and ethnicities across the globe.

Our services have a far-reaching impact on worldwide businesses. We not only translate the languages but also maintain the website, social marketing and provide much more facilities at a reasonable price.

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