Hello!, Hoşgeldin, مرحبا, 你好, Bienvenido, Hola, Bonjour!, Was ist los, こんにちは, Ciao, Come stai?, Здравствуйте, Olá, پخیر راغلے ,السلام علیکم

Hello! Hoşgeldin! مرحبا 你好 Bienvenido Hola Bonjour Was ist los こんにちは Ciao Come stai? Здравствуйте Olá السلام علیکم پخیر راغلے
Breaking borders across Industries & Businesses

We make it local.

Our global platform powered by more than 4400 passionate experts helps you get the right message to the right audience, opening a world of opportunity for your brand through technology-enhanced, human-powered translation and localization.


Create Global Content

We help you create highly specialized technical content that’s primed to go global—like technical manuals, regulatory filings, or marketing creative.

Стирает границы и открывает новые горизонты для вашего бизнеса.

Consultancy And Experience

We know we’re a little biased, but we think our team members are the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. Their talent and dedication drives our success, and when they put their minds to it, there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

نتخطى الحدود في جميع القطاعات والشركات

A Powerful Human Touch

Your words are personal. We respect that. So, your words stay in human hands from beginning to end. Your documents are human translated & human approved.

Breaking borders across Industries & Businesses

A Translation Company You Can Trust

You can’t trust your words with just anyone. Trusted by the world’s leading businesses, and fortune 500 companies .we promise to maintain your trust.


The Most Professional Translation Services

Mistranslation will cost you millions! We won’t let that happen. Our 3-step inspection makes us the most accurate translation company. We guarantee it.

Sektör ve İşletmelerde Sınırları Aşın

Our Experience is Limitless.

Your company is global—and your audience knows no borders

Rompiendo las barreras entre los negocios y las industrias

Lentrax Advantage

Lentrax Translation Services is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Accurate. Fast. Guaranteed

  • London·

Legal Documents Translation Services London

Lentrax provides you with the best qualified professionals having an experience of legal translation of documents ranging from business plans and share holder information to the annual reports.
  • Marketing Translation Services·

Marketing Translation Services

At Lentrax we tend to follow a few tips and tricks as to get the most out of the process for our very own customers with the help of our efficient and dedicated employees bearing the expertise in marketing and advertising management.
  • Document Translation Services·

Professional Translation Services Online

Certified and Professional Document Translation Services, at the speed of your business in more than 110 languages.Lentra is a Fast, Reliable and Online Translation Service. Professional native translators are available as one team from more than 70 countries at your service.
  • Legal Translation Services·

Legal Translation Services in Dubai & UK

Whether in Dubai or not you can utilize our offer and maximize your proficiency by placing an order at Lentrax. Our certified translators are working 24X7 to assist you and provide the best service as per your requirement. For any legal translations and best result choose Lentrax.
  • German Translation Services·

German Translation Services

Lentrax has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with the German language, written and spoken. German is the language of our region as we have offices in Berlin, Munich, London and other metropolitans. For any German script feel free to contact Lentrax.
  • Transcription Services·

Transcription Services

Lentrax is established to lead the transcription industry as one of the best transcription service provider, therefore taking great pride in producing impeccable transcripts for different industries including charity, law, commercial and health and many more.
  • Translation Cost UAE·

Language Solutions For Business

Lentrax translation services UAE is a well-recognized legal translation agency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that ensure the trust of its clients in the UAE and almost all around the world.
  • Dubai ·

Translation Services in Dubai

At Lentrax Translation, We are here to help you over more than 110 languages through our global representation and offices in three continents. We are famous to help our clients to tell their stories with compelling, persuasive and powerful voice.
  • Eaglesford Security Services Chooses Lentrax ·

Translation Services To Drive International Growth

Highly Trusted and globally accepted Lentrax Translation Services, the provider of language and technology solutions for global business, today announced that EaglesFord Security Services based in London United Kingdom has selected and implemented Lentrax’s technology to manage its multilingual content and automate key processes in the translation workflow for their global websites.


Lentrax forensic data technologists are based around the world and can complete the most demanding and sensitive assignments with the highest level of technical expertise.
  • Global Translation Company . ·

Global Translation Company

Lentrax is a global translation works company. We work with a “first-time-right” approach. With over 2 decades of experience in supplying translation services in more than 110 language pairs, we know what works in translation services and multilingual publication.
  • Portuguese·

Portuguese Translation Services

For exceptional Portuguese translation services, look no further than Lentrax Translations. We draw from a network of over 4,000 certified linguists who can provide the highest-quality Portuguese translation solutions on time and on budget


A premium translation service involves an experienced translator producing a highly technical, medical, legal translation, which is then critically proofread by another independent linguist and finally checked by a project manager for terminology accuracy, style concordance, etc.
  • Dubai ·

Expo 2020 Dubai and response to COVID-19

Being highly involved with local community and international brands, lentrax believe that health and safety comes first. We are stringently followed the guidance local health authorities and World Health Organization (WHO) and expecting that all the stakeholders following the same.
  • French legal translation service·

French legal translation service

Lentrax offers French legal translation of any type to meet all your company requirements therefore you are at the right place in the right time even if you are running out of time we assure to be your constant support system and lead you to the point you want yourself to be.


Lentrax being capable of providing interpreters for BSL who are qualified and experienced to healthcare organizations in Dubai, London and Sheffield.